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About Us

In our foctory, placed in 18.500 square meters-5000 square meters of it covered, we manufacture high quality products in productive working atmosphere and dynamic working tempo. The team soul of our administrations and professional personnel who don't hesitate to innovate, reflects our productions well, and makes our trade mark well known day by day. Aiming, “ to be perfect by working hard - advanced technology- to offer the best with most agreeable price by competing honestly and bravely” brougt us to good level in a very short time. This is a happy situation for our company.
Our Mission
For INTERGLASS Auto Glass industry, “high quality and trust”, advanced technological equipment line” and “ proffessional personnel” are very important to serve our customers. Because of our the fact that our personel give importance to technolgy, education, researches and the improvements, our trade mark has been going to the fore and our mission locks us to have sense of rivalry and high quality. Maintaining our seriousness, we intend to be a pioneer company in the AUTO GLASS sector and support our customers high quality productions on the light of our trade mark..

Our Vision
Following the technology closer; to add new products to increase the variation of our productions; to support the needs of our customers by using the latest technological machines; to test all our products in our laboratory in case of an accidental situation, to secure our customers health; with the energetic personel and our innovativeness; are the vision of INTERGLASS to serve well our country and the world.