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INTERGLASS Auto Glass Industry is a pioneer company which was founded in 1988 to supply the laminated glass for automotives. We first decide the necessities of the market while finding solutions; therefore, this enables us to improve not only our partnership in solution with the customers, and continuity of our locomotive situation, but our commercial relationship, as well.

During our service, our perceptiveness get our customers the sense of trust and the power of competitiveness that resulted with successful relationships with customers, now. For this reason, our work fields have increased day by day , and our service areas have become more various. Today this perceptiveness guide us to follow the Glass Industry technology closer and encourage us to produce by using the technological equipments used in the world market. Having advanced equipments, we reached perfect quality.

INTERGLASS is a company which always invests in the correct time and follows the technological improvements; and our service is upholded by our understanding of high quality and our educated personnel.